WHAT TO WATCH…: In Cinemas, August 8

Inbetweeners 2

UK’s love-or-loathsome foursome go down, Down Under, in The Inbetweeners 2

I hate The Inbetweeners. I appreciate the sentiment, and know that viewers of a certain demographic (namely, those the exact same sex and age as the protagonists) can find a lot to relate to amidst the quartet of social misfits’ various escapades. But, between the constant homophobic slurs and potty-mouthed, highly misogynistic banter, any comedic value otherwise apparent is left by the lowbrow-taste wayside. Or, to put it another way, if I ever encountered anyone even slightly like Jay in real-life, I would seriously consider swearing off ever having kids.

But for those lucky (or not) enough to have built up a resistance to the barrage of dick, vagina and dick in vagina jokes, than you’ll probably find many a guffaw in this second outing for the Channel 4 comedy’s ascendance to the big screen. Neil, Simon, Jay and Will are taking their teen urges across the ocean to Australia for another vacation and another round of misguided attempts to avoid growing up. Their first run did gangbusters at the UK box-office – expect The Inbetweeners 2 to follow suit.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more, er, respectable, you have Lilting, an intimate character drama from debut Cambodian director Hong Khaou. Starring soon-to-be Freddie Mercury, Ben Whishaw, the London-set tale traces the connection between Pei-pei Cheng’s culture-lost mother, mourning the recent death of her son, and Whishaw’s kindly stranger.

Then there’s US blue-collar drama God’s Pocketnotable not only for including one of the final performances from the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, but also for its debut director, Mad Men‘s John Slattery. Hoffman plays Mickey who, after his mentally-disturbed stepson dies in a construction accident, struggles to hide the news from his wife (Slattery’s TV co-star Christina Hendricks).

For more family-friendly fare, Disney’s Planes 2: Fire And Rescue is 3D-ready, the sequel to the spin-off of Pixar’s least memorable animated franchise somehow missing a straight-to-DVD fate. Two sporting stories are on offer, skateboarding documentary All This Mayhem and fictional footie stirrer Believe, starring Brian Cox as legendary Man Utd. manager Matt Busby. There’s Gerard Depardieu vehicle Welcome To New York (from Bad Lieutenant writer Abel Ferrara); Korean domestic thriller Moebius; and Wakolda, aka The German Doctor, starring Àlex Brendemühl as Nazi physician Josef Mengele.

Or you can try To Catch A Thief for a three-course meal of cinema’s finest. Hitchcock, Kelly and Grant – it doesn’t come much more indulgent than that.

Film pick of the week: Lilting

“It’s the fully invested leads and graceful, poetic direction that give this study of emotional interiors its subtly heartbreaking power” Kevin Harley, Total Film


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