FIVE A DAY: August 1st, 2014

Russ Meyer Roger EbertWill Ferrell as Russ Meyer, Snow White And The Huntsman prequel and the first look at Josh Brolin’s Thanos


Will Ferrell in talks to play Russ Meyer

A making-of biopic about 1970’s curio piece Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls is in the pipeline, with funnyman Will Ferrell currently in talks to star as exploitation director Russ Meyer (above, left). The film, originally intended as a follow-up to Valley Of The Dolls before mutating into a strange, satirical look at Hollywood style, is known in some circles for the creative collaboration between Meyer and the popular film critic Roger Ebert, who wrote the script. Russ & Roger Go Beyond will be written by The Simpsons/SNL scribe Christopher Cluess.

Snow White And The Huntsman follow-up will be a prequel

Considering the fall-out following the behind-the-scenes scandal between its director and leading lady, it was doubtful for a while whether or not fairytale revamp Snow White And The Huntsman would ever see a sequel. Well, that is STILL in doubt, although a prequel has been confirmed. To be directed by The Walking Dead‘s Frank Darabont, the film will take a gander at the backstory of Chris Hemsworth’s returning Huntsman. Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen is also back, although Kristen Stewart will not be (so maybe just The Huntsman, then?). Universal have set an expected release date for April 22nd, 2016.

Elle Fanning to play ‘Frankenstein’ author Mary Shelley

Younger sibling of Dakota and Super 8/Maleficent star Elle Fanning will play Mary Shelley, the writer of horror classic ‘Frankenstein’, for romantic drama A Storm In The Stars. With Fanning playing the author at the not-so tender age of 17 (when she as still known as Mary Wollstonecraft), the film chronicles her affair with Romantic poet Percy Shelley. Wadjda director Haifaa Al-Mansour is set to direct, with hopes to start shooting next year.

Bond 24′ getting a re-write from Neil Purvis and Robert Wade

The still-untitled upcoming trip for Mr. Bond is looking a little precarious right about now, as the screenplay undergoes serious rewrites. Skyfall writer John Logan had already turned in a finished script, but reports claim that 007 regulars Neil Purvis and Robert Wade have managed a “last-minute rewrite”, delivering a draft that is “substantially different” from Logan’s original. Despite the kerfuffle, ‘Bond 24’ is set for production in November later this year, with Skyfall director Sam Mendes and stars Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris all making a return.

Lionsgate sues pirates over leaked internet copy of The Expendables 3

The anticipated summer release of The Expendables 3 has come early for certain fans (or not) of the action franchise when a finished copy of the feature leaked onto the internet last week. Now, studio Lionsgate have filed a lawsuit against ten anonymous individuals, demanding that the ‘net pirates return all stolen digital copies of the release in addition to an undisclosed amount of cash in damages. According to tracking firm Excipio, the file has been downloaded 2 million times since its release – doesn’t sound like much, but in Hollywood numbers, that’s a lot of lost box-office receipts…

Bonus shot!

After Josh Brolin made a “surprise” appearance at Marvel’s Hall H panel for Comic-Con last week, breaths have been bated for a quick peek at the latest addition to the Avengers canon, big bad Thanos. He made a cameo for the post-credits stinger in the first Avengers film, but the studio have now released a new image of the antagonist, as seen in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Behold, the inevitable villain for Avengers 3!



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