FIVE A DAY: July 9, 2014

Alien Isolation Ripley

Ripley returns for Alien Isolation, and Star Wars VII shooting in IMAX


Alien Isolation DLC brings back Ellen Ripley

She probably won’t be making an appearance in the Prometheus films anytime soon, but Sigourney Weaver’s sci-fi icon Ellen Ripley WILL return to the Alien franchise nonetheless, for The Creative Assembly’s upcoming stealth horror videogame Alien Isolation. The entire crew of the Nostromo (minus John Hurt and Ian Holm, sadly) will reprise their roles for an exclusive pre-order DLC, putting the player in Ripley’s shoes (!) as you strive to survive the events of Ridley Scott’s landmark original.

Ridley Scott to adapt Bible tale David and Goliath

Speaking of Scott, he’ll be following up his storm on the blockbuster scene Noah with another Old Testament classic, David and Goliath. The story of a normal man taking out a giant with a slingshot will be adapted by Blacklist regular Jonathan Stokes, according to Variety. It is unsure if Scott will actually be stepping behind the camera for this, but he will be producing, with 20th Century Fox footing the bill.

Warner Bros. reveal Comic Con 2014 line-up

San Diego’s leading entertainment expo Comic Con is on its way, which means it’s time for the major studios to bring their game to the table. First out of the gate is Warner Bros., announcing the line-up for their panel in the legendary Hall H on July 26. Confirmed to make an appearance is The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Jupiter Ascending and Mad Max: Fury Road. What, no Batman vs. Superman? Don’t lose hope just yet: this is just an early glimpse at the schedule, so there is still plenty of space for a surprise cameo or two…

David Slade will direct Sony’s Powers

Ignoring all the actual video gaming goodness to come out of this year’s E3, one of the big announcements from Sony’s side was the development of television show Powers, adapted from a series of comic-books about the little people living in a world of superheroes and villains. Hannibal and Hard Candy director David Slade has signed on to helm the first two episodes of the series, with crime novelist Charlie Huston working on the scripts. The 10-episode series will air exclusively on the Playstation Network this December – hopefully…

Star Wars: Episode VII will shoot in IMAX

A tweet from that delightful teaser J.J Abrams revealed that he and his crew are currently working with IMAX cameras out in the desert. The good news? The leaked photo isn’t a fake, as reps from whoever-it-is-that-runs-IMAX confirmed to Slashfilm that the sequel far, far away is indeed shooting in 70mm FILM (!) with IMAX technology. The bad news? There is no confirmation yet whether Abrams is shooting in 3D or is planning for a post-production conversion (some kind of 3D is a guarantee; this is Disney, after all). Either way, we can rest assure that we WILL be able to watch the latest adventure far, far away on the biggest screens in the country. Yay!!!!?!

Bonus shot!

Here is the first glimpse of Ian McKellen as a 93-year-old Sherlock Holmes in the latest project for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director, Bill Condon. Originally titled A Slight Trick of the Mind, now the much simpler Mr. Holmes, the film will see a retired Holmes dealing with the slow deterioration of his superior intellect. The photograph comes from Mr. McKellen’s official Twitter account – what a generous fellow!

Mr Holmes Ian McKellan


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