Sherlock 2015BBC’s Sherlock returning in 2015, and Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar Games


Sherlock returning for 2015 special

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are a little preoccupied with the call of Hollywood these days – understandable – but fans need not wait TOO long for a reunion; about a year and a half, in fact. Earlier this week, Freeman hinted at a Christmas special on the 2015 calendar, and now Deadline have confirmed that Misters Holmes and Watson will make a brief appearance for next year’s holidays, with a season 4 possibly, potentially on the cards for 2016. Filming is due to begin on the Christmas special come January.

G.I. Joe 3 gets a new screenwriter

Paramount’s Hasbro production line of G.I. Joe ridiculousness is set to continue in 2016, with The Devil’s Advocate and Shooter screenwriter Jonathan Lemkin brought onboard. According to Variety, most of the cast from previous outing Retaliation is set to return, and the story will more than likely focus on fan-favourite (wait: the film had fans?!) Roadblock, played by Hercules’ Dwayne Johnson. Hopefully, this third time will prove lucky, and not run into the myriad production problems that plagued the franchise in the past…

The Expendables confirmed to be rated PG-13

We knew this day would come, but alas, the sting – or, more accurately, punch in the gut – is still keenly felt. This year’s reteam of beefcakes from action-yore, due for release next month, has officially been confirmed for a PG-13 certificate, despite both previous installments in the series rated 18 and 15 in the UK respectively. Expect much less bone-crunching, then, as The Expendables 3 brings in new recruits Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford for some 12A rated mayhem this summer.

Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar over GTA V character

Lohan, the official face of Hollywood inertia, has been prepping a lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto development team Rockstar since late last year, and now the suit has officially been filed in New York City. Rockstar’s supposed crime? They used her likeness for fictional character Lacey Jonas in their latest opus GTA V. According to Lohan, Rockstar “used her image and created a character based on her without her permission.” Who knows what the outcome of this case will be, but suffice to say, it’s all pretty fucking desperate.



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