DAILY HEADLINES: July 1st, 2014

Andy Serkis Avengers 2

Andy Serkis joins Avengers 2, and Frozen joins ABC’s Once Upon A Time


Andy Serkis cast in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Fresh off the announcement that Lord Of The Rings Brit Andy Serkis will be appearing for J.J. Abrams in Star Wars: Episode VII, now the motion-capture legend has confirmed an on-screen role in The Avengers sequel, Age Of Ultron. He kept schtum on the specifics during his interview with Variety, although he also spoke about working closely with Mark Ruffalo on how best to ‘Hulk out’. Early speculation points towards Serkis filling in as the brawn for Big Bad Thanos (Josh Brolin is the brain – and tongue).

Check out the full interview from Variety here.

Tom Hardy joining western The Revenant

Hardy has never been more in-demand, taking over Mel Gibson for Mad Max: Fury Road and seeing double (if he looked in the mirror, anyway) as notorious London crims the Krays for a new biopic. Joining the Hardy-calendar for 2015 will be The Revenant, a western revenger about a fur-trapper on the trail of his betrayers from 21 Grams and Babel man Alejandro González Iñárritu. The role sees him re-team with his Inception cohort Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as fellow BAFTA Rising Star Award winner Will Poulter.

Disney confirms Enchanted sequel

It may be rather belated, what with the original having been released in theatres Christmas 2007, but, hey, it’s Disney! Fairytale-in-New-York Enchanted has been given the sequel go-ahead, with Anne Fletcher (The Guilt Trip) confirmed as director and David Stern and David Weiss, the writing duo behind such “classic” family comedies as Daddy Day Camp and Are We There Yet?, on script duties. No news yet on whether the original cast (including current fave Amy Adams as wide-eyed princess Giselle) will be making a return. They’ve got to be – right?

Kellan Lutz to play William Shatner

Mr. Lutz, the Twilight “star” (he was that one Cullen boy who stood in the background and barely said anything) who has endured recent leading flops with starchy redux The Legend Of Hercules and mocap nightmare Tarzan, may have finally landed his breakout role. He’ll be HAMMING – it – UP to play Star Trek legend William Shatner for the upcoming Experimenter, a biopic from Shakespearean director Michael Almereyda about psychologist Stanley Milgram. Why Shatner? Because he previously played Milgram in a TV movie, of course!?

Frozen characters join ABC’s Once Upon A Time

Apparently, being the highest grossing animated film OF ALL TIME and causing Tumblr to overload with Let It Go memes isn’t enough for Disney’s Frozen; now, the characters are being added to the already swollen cast of ABC’s fairytales-in-our-world melodrama Once Upon A Time. The film’s central couple, princess Anna and lovable lunk Kristoff, will be played respectively by newcomer Elizabeth Lail and Greek‘s Scott Michael Foster. The search continues for snow-fingered Elsa.

In other Frozen news, Mouse House animator Cory Loftis released official concept stills from the early days of the production, showing what a traditional, hand-drawn version of the film might have looked like. Behold:

Frozen Concept Art

Check out more of the concept artwork here.



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